David, an eighteen-year old orphan, is suddenly attacked by a dark beast-like human on the New York City subway. Saved by a sword-wielding priest, he witnesses them in a swordfight beyond his imagination and is launched into an incredible adventure. David learns he has special potential and joins forces with the lightmen, who have been losing the life-or-death battle with the evil dred.

Follow David and his new eclectic companions from one harrowing adventure to the next as they struggle and grow together across the globe fighting for all that's good in the world. Former lovers once separated are reunited against incredible odds that threaten to destroy them again. Their true love faces an unimaginable test as the story races to itsclimax.

An action-packed urban fantasy that incorporates spiritual themes, epic sword fights, the power to wield fire or ice, brilliant battle strategies, true love, friendship and fantastic unforgettable characters, this exhilarating book will leave you wanting for more. Book Two in the Dred Wars series will be released in 2017.
Dwight D. Miller is a true Gemini. He is currently in corporate finance, is a former entrepreneur and has always enjoyed creative writing. Growing up loving fantasy and sci fi, he was influenced by his favorite sword-fighting stories like Highlander,Lord of the Rings and Star Wars. In Dred Wars, Dwight sprinkled some unique abilities, a touch of The Matrix kick-ass fighting and an amazing love story into the recipe for Dred Wars: Resurgence. 

A graduate of Arizona State University and a father of four, Dwight lives in Gilbert, Arizona.  dwightdmiller.com

The tall, lean, bald man in black shoved David down to the side as he focused angrily at Father Brian. Brandishing his curved sword with both hands near his right shoulder, the black-eyed man looked at Father Brian and said, “It’s you, eh? It’s been a long time. What,
say two hundred years since I killed you the last time?” 

“Well, this time you’ll feel my steel, demon. Back to the abyss!” yelled Father Brian as he whipped out a long sword from his black trench coat. What David saw Next was beyond his comprehension. As Father Brian charged at the black-eyed man, Father Brian’s eyes
changed to a glowing solid white as a six-inch-thick aura of white light shimmered all around him. The energy about him pulsed with bright light and fiery heat that David felt as Father Brian charged past him. Father Brian held his long sword, which also pulsed with white light all around it, above his head, with both hands over his right shoulder, as he charged. The fanged man in black responded accordingly, and the thick, charcoal-gray aura pulsing around him gave him a shadowy appearance as he awaited the charging Father Brian. He was pulsing out bone chilling frost, and wielding his scimitar with both hands in front of him.

Father Brian’s initial charge was easily blocked by the tall, dark warrior. As they collided, a shock wave rippled out from them – and it seemed as though time was standing still. The shock wave initially felt fiery hot, then bone-chillingly icy cold, then tingly as the hair on David’s arms stood straight up. As the shock wave pulsed outward, every object bent as the wave moved through it – and then returned to normal. 
“What an exciting story – full of swashbuckling adventure, magical swordplay, fire vs. ice, good vs. evil. I literally stayed up all night to finish this wonderful epic thriller. I hope the author has Hollywood in mind – because Dred Wars would make a fantastic blockbuster!” 
~ Rosina Tinari Wilson, "Your Friendly Copyeditor"

Simply riveting! Miller has a way of reeling in the reader and keeping them hooked for the long haul. Set aside the outside world and lose yourself in this emotion-filled, action-packed, suspenseful adventure.
~ Linda J. Curry, Author of Pebbles of Gold